From the Farm to the Table: Goochland County’s Farmers Markets

It’s that time of year in Virginia when tomato plants are coming into their own, which means garden fresh tomato sandwiches, homemade sauces, and flavorful salsa! Directly from their local source, growers and farmers are bringing their freshest produce, and locally crafted products, directly to your table and home by way of Goochland County farmers markets.

You can find a variety of options from homegrown spices, bright chili peppers,, cucumbers and hydroponic lettuces to make a crisp salad, squash that melts in your mouth, and some of the sweetest berries around.

Additionally, both Manakin Market, located on Broad Street Road, and the new Goochland Farmers Market, located near Courthouse Commons shopping center on Sandy Hook Road, offer options from food trucks for a deliciously quick meal to go.

Local artisans at both markets sell goat’s milk soap, various products for the home, and even items specially designed for pets!

Both farmers markets are family-friendly environments. Manakin Market offers live musical entertainment as well, making the markets a fun place to spend the morning meeting and supporting local growers as well as businesses.

Goochland County has many ties to the immediate agricultural community which allows residents to feel comfortable and confident in knowing exactly where their food comes from. Shopping at the local farmers markets is a terrific educational experience for the kids, offering a hands-on lesson in civics, local economics, and general nutrition.

Welcoming vendors invite shoppers to ask questions about their products and provide assistance for those looking for tips on recipes, new cuisine options, customers interested in trying a new Virginia wine, or educating consumers on share crops.

There is also a terrific coffee vendor at Manakin Market that offers samples for customers to explore in the search for the ideal cup of java!

The Goochland Farmers Market this week was filled with garlic, potatoes, eggplant, and many more products that all pair excellently with a variety of main dishes.

Also in attendance at the Goochland Farmers Market recently was a very friendly and generous vendor who was raising donations for Operation Underground Railroad, an incredibly active organization that is dedicated to ending child trafficking. Goochland residents who are working hard in doing their part with some very important work!

While shopping this season, be sure to stop by the farmers markets and take a look around at all of the available options. Pick up some goodies while supporting locally sourced products. Discover all of the fresh, tasty, bounty that surrounds Goochland residents as well as the vendors who are raising awareness or building their businesses. Enjoy the entertainment, the outdoor atmosphere, and meet your neighbors.

• Goochland Farmers Market is open on Tuesdays, from 3:30-7:00pm, May through September.

• Manakin Market is open from 9:00-1:00pm, every Saturday, May through October.

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