Drawing the Line: Voting Changes in Goochland and Louisa County

A number of voters residing along the Goochland and Louisa County lines received letters in May notifying them that the County they have agreeably lived in, dependent upon where their home is located, will be changing the County where their voting will take place in the upcoming elections, now and in the future. The drawing of the new lines leaves some Louisa voters now casting their ballots in Goochland County, and an even greater number of Goochland residents being directed that they will now vote in Louisa.

Robin Lind, Secretary for the Goochland Electoral Board, presented a letter of inquiry to Mark Herring June 20th, regarding the drawing of these particularly disputed voting districts and asking for further clarification of voter assignments as they now stand.

The new voting assignments have left some residents in both Counties concerned and frustrated that the County they have voted in previously will no longer be the County in which they vote in now.

Further, the drawing of the new voting district lines by the Electoral Board may potentially impact a resident who is contemplating candidacy for a local office, as the candidate must reside in the district where they reside.

The Electoral Board’s position regarding the new voting districts is to be consistently in line with the partitioning border between Goochland County and Louisa County.

Additional letters of inquiry, as well as the Electoral Board’s explanation of the redesign in voting districts, can be found on the Goochland County website here:


The lines through the districts that have been reassigned can make a difference in the outcome of upcoming local elections. This notable concern is of special relevance to the upcoming election for Sheriff and the Board of Supervisors this November.

Ultimately, only time will tell if further clarification is prudent or if the new lines that have been drawn will remain and thus have more than a few voters in Goochland now voting in Louisa and vice versa.

As this is a current and ongoing discussion, updates to this article will be made as they become available.

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