New Growth and Development Approved for Goochland

After months of ongoing discussion, planning meetings, proposals and committee reviews, the Goochland County Board of Supervisors has approved a zoning reclassification of just over 98 acres from limited agricultural and residential development to a Residential Planned Unit Development (RPUD), with proffers, to create nearly 100 new lots.

Manuel Alvarez, Supervisor for District 2, moved for the approval of the continued residential growth initiative and development, with a seconded motion by John Lumpkins who represents District 3.

Additionally, there will be multiple entrances and turning lanes into, and out of, the new developments to help manage an increase in traffic and population density. The developmental project, managed by Main Street Homes, estimates at least a year before breaking ground and has the potential to take six to seven years in total, time variants dependent upon new construction requirements.

As with the recent rezoning along the Goochland and Louisa County electoral and geographical lines, an updated zoning of affected districts may need to be further addressed as expressed by the Board at the July 2nd meeting. This meeting comes on the heels of the recently, highly debated, development of the Manakin Towne mixed-use business and residential proposal that would be built towards the Manakin and Centerville locations within Goochland County.

While some residents favor the projected continued growth of new business and residential developments, others question whether or not such growth will affect the rural environment of the County.

Student population within Goochland public schools is projected to increase with ongoing development, as well as the workload for local community service boards, educational services and technological viability within the school system, a higher law enforcement presence to maintain safety standards, and an extended EMS availability coverage area would all be required to accommodate a consistently growing County. This adds a layer of increased hiring and administrative consideration within departmental agencies which may impact taxpayer dollars that would be needed in these particular departmental areas.

With the increase in new development that Mr. Alvarez motioned for, and affirmed, comes further questions from residents both for, and against, a sizable and notable change of growth within the County.

Thoughts regarding future development following the Manakin Towne proposal can be found here as the ongoing discussions continue to explore both sides of how these changes could impact Goochland overall.

Agenda topics, as well as a calendar of upcoming Board of Supervisors meetings, can be found on the Meeting Portal at Goochland County Agenda page.

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