Republican Women’s Committee of Goochland Hosts a Stellar Forum

On September 5th, 2019, the Republican Women’s Committee of Goochland County hosted a forum that resulted in a spectacular turnout by voters, residents, representatives, and candidates running for local offices. To a full room candidates were offered time to present their platforms as well as their respective qualifications.

In attendance were a multitude of candidates including those running for Goochland County Board of Supervisors, such as Don Sharpe, Susan Lascolette, and Neil Spoonhower. Also attending were Ms. Karen Horn, representing District three for the school board, Commonwealth Attorney, Mike Caudill, Ms. Jennifer Mazza, representing the school board for District 1, and County Treasurer nominee, Pam Duncan, among notable others.

The event, held at Richmond Country Club, was independently moderated in a timely, professional manner, allowing all candidates ample time to present their key points. Each candidate was afforded a number of invited guests to ensure equal support and fairness while representing their individual platforms.

Candidates for Sheriff, Levin White and Emiel Fisher, were in attendance, addressing the current upcoming election for the position of Sheriff. Candidate Fisher offered his official withdrawal from the campaign in full support of Levin White.

Candidate Steven Creasey was invited to attend the forum but chose not to represent himself or his campaign. Mr. Creasey willingly elected not to participate, for the second time in five months, to attend a forum designed to allow the candidates running for Sheriff a space in which they were afforded an opportunity to present their positions on matters relevant to the safety and welfare of Goochland County residents.

Levin White, the remaining candidate for Sheriff in attendance, was afforded time to answer more in-depth questions presented by the moderator on behalf of residents.

Lee Ware, Jr. and John McGuire both attended and spoke at the forum regarding the growth of Goochland County and their desire to represent an increasingly growing community.

The response to all candidates was incredibly enthusiastic, provided the turnout, and greatly supportive as residents engaged with candidates before and after the forum.

We encourage every resident of Goochland County to take an active part in the elections, making their voices heard, by voting on November 5th, 2019.

Further information on voter information and elections within Goochland County can be found here.

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