Letter to the Editor: Sheriff Candidate’s Resumes Present Stark Differences

I’m sure that somewhere in the current issue of The Goochland Gazette, you will find multiple letters to the editor supporting Steven Creasey for Sheriff.  I’m sure you will hear what a wonderful family man he is, a life long resident of Goochland, whose kids go to Goochland schools, who is totally devoted to the county and has been in the Sheriff’s department for quite some time as deputy and sergeant.  As many other authors of letters have attested, not one of those aforementioned qualities makes Mr. Creasey qualified to run the Sheriff’s Department.  It is well known that the current Sheriff, Mr. Agnew, is one of Mr. Creasey’s largest campaign contributors (I’m told roughly $15,000) and has written multiple letters extolling Mr. Creasey’s virtues while virtually condemning his opponent, Mr. Levin White.  What confuses me about Mr. Agnew’s significant involvement in Mr. Creasey’s campaign is that if Mr. Creasey is so highly qualified, why didn’t Mr. Agnew ever promote him past the level of Sergeant which Mr. Creasey has held for roughly a decade?


Shouldn’t the Sheriff of our county be the man most qualified to lead that department?  Wouldn’t we all want the candidate that had the most experience in enforcing laws, fighting crime, investigating thefts, felonies, assaults, sale of illegal drugs, sex trafficking and murders to be the one we task with keeping us safe?  If you compare the resumes of the two men running for Sheriff, the scales come down heavily in favor of Mr. Levin White.  When asked specifically at a forum that Mr. Creasey chose not to attend, a question about his experience with homicide cases, Mr. White said, “I can’t tell you an exact number but it’s well over 100, it might even be closer to 200!”.  This statement is backed up by the fact that Mr. White has received “Salute to Excellence”, Unit Citations from the Richmond City Chief of Police for exceptional performance by the Homicide/Aggravated Assault Unit!  The same questioner noted that there are a bunch of unsolved murder cases in the county, some dating back for years.  Mr. White expressed his intent to pursue them to conclusion as the new Sheriff.


Mr. White has won multiple “Salute to Excellence” awards during his years with the Richmond Police Department, including ones for his detective work in assault and armed robbery cases and for his role as part of a Special Focus Mission Team put together to perform a specific task.  He also has been singled out for Excellent Police Duty awards, examples of which are for an “intelligent act materially contributing to a valuable police accomplishment and for submission of a devise or method to increase efficiency in administrative or tactical procedures”, which illustrates the creativity that Mr. White can bring to the Sheriff’s department in Goochland.  Mr. White’s resume extends to multi-year experience in pursuing public fraud and corruption, working in the Virginia State Office of the Inspector General.  It was Mr. White who played in a key role in the 2017 decision that saw the Virginia Department of Social Services have to settle with the United States government to the tune of $7 million for submitting false SNAP claims over a 3-year period.  Add in Mr. White’s experience in working illegal narcotics and sex trafficking cases and you have someone we would be lucky to have as the Sheriff of Goochland.  Mr. Agnew has said that Goochland doesn’t have those kinds of crimes in the county.  If anyone believes that Goochland is insulated from these types of crimes, with the rapid growth we are seeing in the Eastern part of the county, then they have their head in the sand.


Fellow Goochlanders, look past all the mudslinging and false accusations made against Mr. White.  He has served the citizens of this state admirably, consistently, and with high praise.  Compare his resume with that of Mr. Creasey.  Honestly, there is no comparison.  You may want Mr. Creasey for your neighbor but into who’s hands do you want to put the safety of your home, family and county?  Please vote for Levin White for Sheriff on November 5th.  His record of public service has earned your vote!


Glenn R. Dierson

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