Letter to the Editor: From Levin White

Dear Editor,


I write you and the citizens of Goochland County to cover what I feel are two important matters. First and foremost, I want to express my sincerest and humble gratitude for the support, encouragement and participation by Goochland residents in the election on November 5th.


During my campaign, I enjoyed the conversations in your homes, on front porches and in passing.  Additionally, I want to thank the leadership and supporters from the Goochland Tea Party and Goochland Democratic Committee who saw common ground in our local election. To see this collaborative effort in support of my ideas and experience to be the Goochland Sheriff was a victory in its own merit. We as Goochlanders should all be proud to see this.  Bringing people together with fundamentally different beliefs was truly satisfying.  I also want to publicly congratulate Steven Creasey’s campaign for raising in excess of $70,000 in order to successfully win this Sheriff’s election.


In another spirit, I want to address comments from last weeks letter to the editor by former Goochland County Treasurer, Pam Johnson. Ms.Johnson articulated my lack of integrity/fiscal responsibility due to multiple financial warrant in debt claims.  I don’t know why she felt a need to share only half of the story.  In early 2000-2005, my wife and I became real estate investors accumulating more than 50 rental units as well as buying/building and converting properties into condominium communities to include securing historic tax credits by preserving history.

During the 2008-2012 recession, every citizen of our great country suffered tremendous financial loss and so did we. We made tough financial decisions to prevent families that had lost their jobs with no means to pay their rent from becoming homeless. 


My wife, a Christian woman that is extremely talented, educated, smart, and conscientious was determined not to follow suit of others.  We never lost a property to foreclosure or bankruptcy.  We chose to delay payments to homeowners associations (HOA’s).  We later met every single financial obligation over a mutually agreed period of time.  All of this was publicly addressed in September 2018 after my filing to run for public office.


The entire financial system in our country was in recession.  Entire industries that had been in existence for decades laid off hard working people, closed their doors and 1000’s of people were filing bankruptcy and their homes were being foreclosed upon.

Ms. Johnson was fully aware of this when she wrote the article and because she wanted to besmearch my reputation just days before the election, her words affected my entire family.  Shame on any elected official (or former) using information gained in office for political/personal gain not to mention purposely providing the public with only half of the truth.


In closing, Steven Creasey was elected Goochland Sheriff.  I wish him well and I will continue to support, respect and assist the Goochland Sheriff’s Office 100%.  I encourage all of my supporters to continue to embrace the efforts of our law enforcement officers in Goochland and I look forward to being more actively involved in our great community.


Levin White

Crozier Va.