My name is Heather O’Brien and I am the Founder of The Goochland Advocate.

Born and raised in Virginia, I am a lifelong resident of our beautiful state and proud business owner right here within Goochland County. I have raised two boys within our AAA rated school system, as well as a daughter, and have been a homeschooling parent as well. Additionally, I am a business owner, supporter of a growing, stable, economic climate and a safe, healthy, Goochland County. I bring this experience with me as I seek to evaluate the best that our great County has to offer.

Within Goochland County, we are blessed to have growth, diversity, and scenic beauty. Sustainability, in a multitude of areas, of our natural spaces is as paramount to our wildlife as it is to our farmers. Further, as new business development occurs in Goochland, an increase in response and resources is being witnessed. It is my intention to see Goochland thrive, farmers markets burgeoning with local buyers, and County businesses stimulating our own economy. This begins with asking some tough questions, auditing ongoing public projects, reviewing local events and attractions, and maintaining an active presence within Goochland County and the surrounding areas throughout Virginia.

My primary goals are to shine light on current events, increasing transparency and accountability of elected leaders, spotlight outstanding service of local venues, and setting a welcoming table that works to develop a plan inclusive of the community’s needs and continued development.

I believe that local leaders should be balanced and ethical in their practices when considering all residents, and represent the highest, and best, interests of the voices they represent. Additionally, ongoing development projects that are taxpayer-funded should be audited continuously and consistently to ensure that tax dollars are being put to use responsibly. This system of checks and balances is reflective of our views of fiscal responsibility set by County representatives and those who are placed into elected positions.

Looking forward to the future of Goochland County is exciting and holds a great deal of potential. Here’s to the County’s momentum and success!